Meet our Leaders

Do you have a project that you believe the youth members might enjoy? Projects only require a minimum of SIX HOURS annually, and are calendared at the convenience of the project leader.  Contact Hallie today about more information.

Feather River 4-H has worked to recruit some OUTSTANDING
community experts to lead various projects within our club.

Hallie Hunt, Community Leader, Archery & Drawing Project Leader

Corinne Martell, Itinerant Leader

Randall Newton, Goat Project Leader

Mike Denny, Sheep Project Leader

Jeffrey Ebey, Aviation Project Leader

Amy Eggleston-Acosta, Rabbit Project Advisor

Lora Broad, Dog Project Advisor

Nathaniel Cardoso, Robotics Project Advisor

Kris Haines, Health and Fitness Advisor

Linda Seeman, Arts and Crafts Project Advisor

Brent Nobles, Taxidermy Project Advisor

TBD, Small Engine/Racing Project Advisor

TBD, Swine Project Leader

TBD, Turkey Project Leader

TBD, Poultry Project Leader



For more information contact: